SOLD OUT! Austrian Wine Dinner

Thu, Oct 26, 2017

This event is officially Sold Out! Check in after the new year, we’ll be introducing new events for future dates.

From Austria with Love: Pia Strehn of STREHN Winery
Foreword of Volker Donabaum
{Hosted by Roberto Scarpati of SoilAir Selection}

{plus tax & gratuity}

Grüner veltliner has become a staple in boutique shops and restaurants, particularly in the warm weather. It is distinctive and unusual, and so it seemed like a good wine for us to examine, even if it was partly because I wanted to reconsider my bias. From Zesty Citrus fruit to tropical flavors, Gruner are taking over the market smashing off commercial Pinot Grigio’s and “usual Suspect whites”. the category has grown out of proportion.

In addition to that, the Reds…are nothing but a joyful drinking. Austrian Soil specifically identifies reds as “typical – Stylish and Super elegant Berry dept made” Volker Donabaum (of Donabaum Family estate ) picked a few of the best value for everyday drinking to share with you at the dinner.