Wine Tasting Events at Satis Bistro

Sunday, July 7th, 2019

Dry, Fruity, Woody. Does your pallet know the difference?

In his poem The Task, William Cowper could have had a wine menu in front of him when “variety is the very spice of life, that gives it all its flavors,” crossed his mind.

Satis Bistro Tasting Events

While Mr. Cowper’s thoughts might have been born from the optimism of trying something new and unfamiliar, most of us fall back to something garden-variety when tasked with wine selection.

Don’t always trust your friends’ pallets

You’re not expected to be an Oenophile, but you should know what you like, and have an understanding of why you like it.

When dining out with friends and asked about a modern wine, we typically handle this in one of three ways. (1) We let the person we are dining with decide (“no you pick.”) (2) We ask the waiter what he recommends (as if he knows what we like), or (3) we order the house red or white (boring). Why do we leave this up to friends and strangers? 

Most of our hesitancy stems from a lack of knowledge and exposure to the vast selection of wines available today. Wouldn’t it be great to be the badass who confidently orders the wine for the table? Satis Bistro’s wine tastings offer you the opportunity to speak with a sommelier, sample wines, and educate yourself. After all, vinification has been around since 4100 BC. There is a lot to catch up on.

Stop W(h)ining

Wine is not your thing? Some of our tasting events offer whiskeys and beer from local distillers and brewers. What is your whiskey IQ? Single- malt, blend, spicy, or smoky. Did you know Scotch, Bourbon, and Rye are all whiskeys? What about beer? Fall back on the same beer you have been drinking since college? Lager or IPA, Pilsner or Stout? Satis Bistro’s wine and spirit tasting offers the opportunity to save on airfare and try wines and spirits from around the globe in one location and learn how to order confidently and, better yet, sample a few drinks.

During our tasting events, Satis Bistro’s chef will create an exclusive pairing menu, usually between 4- to 6-course mixing and matching a selection of entrees with a complementing wine or drink. 

Decisions, Decisions

While Mr. Cowper may have liked variety in life, more than likely, he did not have the many choices today’s wine menus offer and, if he were alive today, would probably just order the house wine.

Interesting in attending one of our wine tastings?

Book your reservation for our next wine tasting event and familiarize yourself with some of Satis Bistro’s favorite wines, whiskeys and beers and, enjoy!