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A Top Spot For Private Parties In Jersey City

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019
Satis Bistro Private Rooms

Planning a private party can be a euphoric experience for many, from picking out their styles of invitations, to deciding where to place their relatives on the seating charts. The little details are what make the party room pop. A party can take on a whole new experience given the right planner and timing, especially… Read more »

Wine Tasting Events at Satis Bistro

Sunday, July 7th, 2019
Satis Bistro Tasting Events

Dry, Fruity, Woody. Does your pallet know the difference? In his poem The Task, William Cowper could have had a wine menu in front of him when “variety is the very spice of life, that gives it all its flavors,” crossed his mind. While Mr. Cowper’s thoughts might have been born from the optimism of… Read more »

The 50 restaurants in Jersey City that matter, ranked worst to best

Tuesday, April 16th, 2019
Satis Bistro | Red Wine Pappardalle

{We made the top 10!} It’s no secret: Jersey City’s dining scene has exploded over the last decade and played a major role in New Jersey’s second largest city reclaiming its place as one of the state’s grandest cultural epicenters. The sprawling town’s eclectic cuisine runs the gamut from Zagat-rated, New York Times-coronated artisan pizzerias… Read more »